Assignment Intelligence

The most important Learning and Development (L&D) metric is Training Given vs. Learning Need. Too much training wastes time. Too little and your organization incurs the tangible and intangible costs of under-trained employees.

Dynamical Relevance

Circle uses machine learning to transform your “rules based” assignment mechanisms into a dynamically responsive learning framework. Your training is always relevant. Your learners are always engaged. No need for laborious management of assignment rules.

Relevance = Engagement

Successful learning outcomes are driven by relevance. Training assignments should reflect individual uniqueness.

Learners feel motivated and engaged when they feel course assignments and learning experiences matter for their development. Self-directed learning has power but it can lack focus.

The most powerful driver of employee engagement is a clear connection between work and organizational strategy. Focused training solves this.

Leverage Relevance for Machine Learning

Circle assures relevance by giving learners and their managers the power to assess their own training requirements in the context of the needs that drive them. Their feedback provides Circle the data it needs to automatically adjust and tailor training that meets requirements, across the enterprise, regardless of the LMS used.