Personalize the Learning Experience

Motivation to learn comes primarily from a sense of relevance and engagement.

Forcing large portions of training material down the throats of new employees seems cost-efficient, but it may be penny wise and dollar foolish. Circle Learning Management enables you to deliver timely assignments of material in small portions made relevant by recent performance.

Social systems can boost engagement.

And engaged employees are motivated to learn. But what are the elements of engagement? Engaged employees care about their company’s success, understand their role in helping to achieve it, and are willing to invest extra effort to get there.

Extra effort translates to faster learning, but the real boost comes when the engaged employee sees the connection between their personal performance and courses assigned. Circle enables trainers to clarify how learner’s specific performance impacts the company’s success, which in turn strengthens engagement.

Circle Performance offers employees rich profiling options and the ability to determine who can view their activities.