As a successful network marketing professional, you embody state-of-the-art leadership.

You can’t make demands the way an employer can with employees. You can only exert influence with your team, and that makes it tough, especially since network marketing requires so much discipline to succeed. But you can make things easier for yourself and reduce your business risk at the same time.

Inputs and Outputs

It comes down to tracking both inputs and outputs. The sales revenue tracking tool that your vendor provides tracks output: team sales and new recruits. Circle Learning Management helps you manage their “inputs,” that is, what goes into your team member’s minds. After all, isn’t that how you influence them?

Most of your team members wake each morning with a nagging sense that they should just give up. Zig Ziglar called it “stinkin’ thinkin’.” No doubt you would love the opportunity to sit beside them and tell them how you often felt the same way when you were just starting out, but that you kept at it until one day, the tide turned. But you can’t talk personally with thousands of people each day!

What They Need, When They Need It

Or can you? Circle gives you the automated efficiency of a system in use by the world’s largest company. Combine that power with a handy feature we call the Dialogue Checklist and you get a system that let’s you present each member of your team with the exact inspirational or educational resource they need most, right when they need it.

And you can use it to facilitate one-on-one mentoring, too. By giving your leadership team access privileges, they can use the Dialogue Checklist to efficiently conduct dozens of coaching sessions each week. Now you can be sure everyone is getting the support and encouragement they need and that boosts retention. And retention boosts revenue.

Circle also offers you and your key leaders an event management tool. It makes setting up a seminar quick and painless.

Business Risk

But what about business risk? First step, present each team member with a statement that asks them to affirm the ethics you operate by. Our system manages this in a manner that will stand up in court should any of your team say or do something that causes problems. That addresses the most common risk.

The next most common pitfall happens rarely, but when it does happen, you lose everything. If your vendor comes under attack by government regulators and is forced to close down, most distributors don’t have an efficient means of communicating with their team. With Circle Learning Management, you’ve solved that problem. In a matter of minutes, you could shoot out a video explaining the situation and inviting suggestions or taking a vote on what to represent next.