Success in the hospitality industry takes a clear vision.

Everything your customers experience must reflect your brand. You need to know that your people are aligned with your concept and that they won’t break anything. This takes learning to get them up to speed and continuous monitoring of performance to correct or recalibrate.


Maintaining brand-wide business alignment, complete with regional nuances, need not be haphazard or costly. It comes down to efficiently tracking and calibrating employee performance and making timely, relevant adjustments where necessary. Circle gives your management team a performance dashboard that lets them know immediately when and where adjustments are needed.


Compliance costs money, one way or another. Circle’s flexibility helps you more efficiently ensure your team is compliant.

Performance Management

Circle Learning Management ties the most important measure of employee performance – customer response – to employee engagement, training material effectiveness, and more. Through its powerful, real-time metrics, Circle Learning Management enables the training department to influence corporate strategy.