The financial services industry has enormous educational and compliance challenges.

Products and services are constantly changing. Your agents, brokers, and administrators need to do more than just keep pace, their knowledge needs to surpass that of your competition.

It’s a matter of business survival.

Meanwhile, compliance remains a paramount concern. Compliance officers need to be certain that all necessary requirements are fulfilled by their entire team in a timely manner. But compliance tasks can easily impede productive activity. So as important as air-tight, 100% reliable compliance management is, we understand that you also need extreme efficiency.

Sales Support

Circle Learning Management gives you both reliability and efficiency. Its sales support tools embed knowledge right into the sales process. Our Dialogue Checklist can be used to present prospects with your compliance-approved fact-finder. Responses can trigger additional sales and educational materials based on their specific needs, which in turn can trigger pre-filled applications. Your sales representatives can monitor their prospects every step of the way.


You probably have your team maintain their annual educational compliance on an external system such as RegEd or Compliance360. But what about your other compliance processes? Circle Learning Management can handle these time-consuming tasks with a Dialogue Checklist between your compliance officer and staff. This utility permanently documents all exchanges, starting with the questions you need answered. Documents, images, and other files may be attached by your staff in response.