We’re confident that Circle Learning Management is among the most robust training, certification, and performance management systems on the market.

What makes us so sure?

We first launched Circle Learning Management in 2006 for one of the largest companies on earth. Our relationship was small at first, but over the years and after countless refinements, both in functionality and usability, this company now utilizes Circle for the training needs of all of their 100,000 employees worldwide. We earned their trust with our responsive service and design insight.

Circle Learning Management integrates all aspects of training including surveys, tracking and issuing credentials, management functions, testing, and notification. It embraces the many flavors of training materials and mediums, including off-the-shelf training, classroom training, video training, and even learner-created materials. Circle is among the most fully-integrated, easy-to-use and efficient systems on the market. It is the product of active listening, rigorous engineering, and our commitment to the “continuous amazement” of our customers.

Our headquarters are in the San Francisco Bay Area, but our service extends worldwide. Whether you are an organization looking for assistance in delivering and managing training, an environmental health and safety executive or attorney seeking ways of keeping up with compliance and certification requirements, or are a consultant or course developer, we are available to discuss how Circle Learning Management can help you.

We invite you to call us at 1(925)558-2708 or contact us through the links on this website.

Meet The Team

Trace Lee
Chris Tsang
Brian Sarrazin
Kevin Huang